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Complete List of MS-DOS Commands

This command is processed by the ccommands processor. A utility to map a subdirectory to dowbload drive letter. Evaluate the condition, and only if it is true, then it execute the remainder of the command line Otherwise, it skips the remainder of the line and continues with next command line. MS-DOS can find files and directories given their names, without full path information, if the search object is on a path specified by the environment variable PATH.

The name derives from IBM’s habit of calling hard drives fixed disks. It defaults to displaying the attributes of all files in the current directory. More may also be used as a filter.

The FOR loop can be used to parse a file or the output of a command. The parent of the directory specified will pdff created if it does not already exist.

List of DOS commands – Wikipedia

The JOIN command attaches a drive letter to a specified directory on another drive. It can be used with a script file, like debug, this makes it of some use even today. These are commands to backup and restore files from an external disk. The FIND command is a filter to find lines in the input data stream that contain or don’t contain a specified string and send these to the output data stream.

A utility to make a volume bootable. The MORE command paginates text, so that one can basjc files containing more than one screen of text. One might add comments by way of labels, usually starting with double-colon:: In DOS, many standard system commands were provided for common tasks such as listing files on a disk or moving files.

Often used in batch files to print text out to the user. The more command is frequently used in conjunction with this command, e.

Earlier versions of DR DOS supported this function with the built-in switch command for numeric choices or by beginning a command with a question mark. Deletes a directory along with all of the files and subdirectories that it contains. The command can copy in text mode or binary mode; in text mode, copy will stop when it reaches the EOF character; in binary mode, the files will be downkoad in their entirety, ignoring EOF baeic.

A filter to sort lines in the input data stream and send them to the output data stream.

By default all recoverable files in the working directory are restored; options are used to change this behavior. The CHOICE command is used in batch files to prompt the user to select one item from a set of single-character choices. The command interpreter preserves the case of whatever parameters are passed to commands, but the command names themselves and file names are case-insensitive. The command ods for DOS runs when no application programs are vommands.

The C library function realpath performs this function. Windows XP in a nutshell. Normally, it will ask for confirmation of the potentially dangerous action. This article needs additional citations for verification.

For example, copy file con outputs file to the screen console. CHKDSK verifies a storage volume for example, a hard diskdisk partition or floppy disk for file system integrity.

In the current Microsoft Windows operating system, a text-mode command prompt window, cmd.

MS-DOS and command line overview

The Microsoft Windows command processors do not support this command. From at least Windowsthe set command allows for the evaluation of strings into variables, thus providing inter alia a means of performing integer arithmetic. The command either displays or changes the active code page used to display character glyphs in a console window.

DR-DOS used a separate command for renaming directories, rendir. Network PCs using a null modem cable or LapLink cable. Another important use of the echo command is to toggle echoing of commands on and off in batch files. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Ks NT, the functionality provided exists but is handled by the command rd or rmdir which has slightly different syntax.


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