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Edited by HLaw Friday, August 02, 1: I have had this same problem periodically since I installed Outlook on my new system troublexhooting year. Microsoft shrugs their shoulders at the problem.

Outlook – Favorites disappear

Wednesday, October 26, 6: I installed on a brand new machine and had to create all my accounts from scratch. Proposed as answer by freetvee. Wednesday, October 17, 6: Wednesday, September 15, 8: Wednesday, January 18, I am having the same issue, as well as about 7 other users in my office. So am I now way off topic? Some characters seem not to translate well to the xml-file and will cause the writing or loading of it to abort.

Ben, I guess the issue for me is that all this was working completely fine in but micrlsoft in it’s all screwy. Call ouhlook for Office admins. It will go months without an issue and then suddenly the Favorites will disappear doenload, only to return as soon as Outlook opens again.

Tried recreating profiles and doing a clean install. That fixed this annoying favorite folder issue – He was most courteous explaining as he went along and answered all my questions. I retested that several times and I found this as a pattern. Dowload am about to install on a few users’ workstations for additional testing. Oh, because we buy the product anyways. Tried disabling Link, Email, and Web scanning modules – no luck.

Please fix this Microsoft!

Well, not sure troubleshootkng it will work for all BUT here is my solution to the issue: Where to enter your product key. Simply rebooting did not work consistently for me and if this works for you will save a lot of time and headache having to start from scratch.

Oitlook case it gets lost in the shuffle of these hundreds of replies, the simple solution for me is what a couple of others noted, and it’s not at all obvious: But the next time I open Outlook it might be gone.

What is Microsoft Outlook? – Definition from testkey

I have the same problem with Favorites disappearing completely or different Favorites displayed on every start of Outlook. Same problem as everybody else. I will monitor the Outlook.

Monday, March 28, 4: I am reporting exactly the same issue also. Certain doownload are disabled and I get a message that asks me to move the mail to the Inbox Monday, April 09, We are now running Office Professional Pluswith Outlook Unfortunately 1 didn’t work for me.

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Edited by Rosario2 Monday, January 16, 3: I have 3 solutions for this. I haven’t tried any of the solution posted here except for the resetnavpane. I have gone trough every reply on this thread it took a while to read this gigantic thread. Friday, May 14, 3: I’ve seen a couple variations of this issue reported. Prepare and manage enterprise apps for an IaaS model A growing number of businesses see the value in infrastructure as a service.

Though sometimes it happens after I’ve closed Outlook, and issued the shutdown after. Restart your comp, open outlook only, trobuleshooting all your favorites folders accordingly, close outlook and give it a minute to properly close and save configuration, then restart again. I almost missed the couple of references to this, myself.


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