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Vishnuvardhan September 5, at 6: Kushan June 19, at 9: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. List of country capital and currency pdf download bankers adda.

Flags of the world in PDF to download for free

Ravi Thakur November 21, at 8: India is 7th largest country in the world from the point of view of the geographical area. Sarath September 18, at 6: A lot of candidates who have been preparing for the Banking and SSC and UPSC examination are asked the downlozd regarding the country currently country and capital pdf download their capitals which are expected from all the educated groups in the world.

Useful informationbut some countries have been omitted. Good luck to all. Candidates are asked questions in Railways and all other competitive examination regarding the znd and capitals of the country.

A value of money currency is always relative with respect to all those countries it trades with. But china has got a largest land mass than India and compared to the density of China, the population density of India is more than China.

Ganeswar Rout July 8, at 6: It has the largest written constitution in the world. List of country capital and currency pdf. The largest desert in the world is Country and capital pdf download Desert which covers counrty large part of the world which is more than several countries geographical areas. Here we are discussing it. Kailash Nath Ojha Dosnload 4, at 4: There are a lot of counties in this world and big country and capital pdf download are even dividing to form small countries and currently there are more than counties in the world which are tropical, sub tropical, coastal, island countries etc based on their geographical location in the world.

Countries and Capitals – GK Notes in PDF – Testbook Blog

We Collected Information from Different Sources. India is the largest country based on the constitution and Democracy.

Shahebaz December 23, at 2: All the counties have specific types of currency notes having the values based on the current economic condition and GDP of the country. These questions are also often asked in the competitive examination and country and capital pdf download must know these facts also.

Hi I give this one star Did this to grab it attention.

Your email address will not be published. All the counties obviously have their capitals as we have capitals for all the different states in India. Narinder singh March 17, at 8: B January 5, at 4: Compared to the density of population Indonesia is the most densely populated counties in the country and capital pdf download.

Countries and Capitals

India falls in the Asia continent which is the largest continent in the world among the 7 continent. From the point of view of population India is acpital second largest country in the world after China. Aman May 10, at 7: Australia is the only country which is itself a continent.


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