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Postal Course, Study Material. Steam Tables, Rankine, Brayton cycles with regeneration and reheat. Forecasting models, aggregate production planning, scheduling, materials requirement planning.

GATE Syllabi

Structure and properties of engineering materials, heat treatment, stress-strain diagrams for engineering materials. Plastic deformation and yield criteria; fundamentals of hot and cold working processes; load estimation for bulk forging, rolling, extrusion, drawing and sheet shearing, deep drawing, bending metal forming processes; principles of powder metallurgy.

Gate All India Test Series. Pelton-wheel, Francis and Kaplan turbines – impulse and reaction principles, velocity diagrams. Machining and Machine Tool Operations: Steam Tables, Rankine, Brayton cycles with regeneration and reheat.

Gatd Mechanics and Design.

Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Limits, fits and tolerances; linear and angular measurements; comparators; gauge design; interferometry; form and finish measurement; gate 2013 syllabus for mechanical engineering pdf download and testing methods; tolerance analysis in manufacturing and assembly. English grammar, sentence completion, verbal analogies, word groups, instructions, critical reasoning and verbal deduction. Mean value theorems, Theorems of integral calculus, Evaluation of definite and improper integrals, Partial Derivatives, Maxima and minima, Multiple integrals, Fourier series.

Email required Address never made public. Vapour refrigeration cycle, heat pumps, gas refrigeration, Reverse Brayton cycle; moist air: Domestic wastewater treatment, quantity of characteristics of domestic wastewater, primary and secondary treatment.


Analytic gate 2013 syllabus for mechanical engineering pdf download, Cauchy’s integral theorem and integral formula, Taylor’s and Laurent’ series, Residue theorem, solution integrals. Properties of fluids, fluid statics; Continuity, momentum, energy and corresponding equations; Potential flow, applications of momentum and energy equations; Laminar and turbulent flow; Flow in pipes, pipe networks; Concept of boundary layer and its growth.

Zeroth, First and Second laws of thermodynamics; thermodynamic system and processes; Carnot cycle. Matrix Algebra, Systems of linear equations, Eigen values and eigen vectors. Free body diagrams and equilibrium; trusses and frames; virtual work; kinematics and dynamics of particles and of rigid bodies in plane motion, including impulse and momentum linear and angular and energy formulations; impact.

Zeroth, First and Second laws of thermodynamics; thermodynamic system and processes; Carnot cycle. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Duty, delta, estimation of evapo-transpiration; Crop water requirements; Design of lined and unlined canals, head works, gravity dams and spillways; Design of weirs on permeable foundation; Types of downloac systems, irrigation methods; Water logging and drainage; Canal regulatory works, cross-drainage structures, outlets and escapes. Production Planning and Control: By accessing any information provided in this website, you syloabus agree to the terms and conditions.

Postal Course, Study Material. Gate 2013 syllabus for mechanical engineering pdf download of heat transfer; one gate 2013 syllabus for mechanical engineering pdf download heat conduction, resistance concept, electrical analogy, unsteady heat conduction, fins; dimensionless parameters in free and forced convective heat wngineering, various correlations for heat transfer in flow over flat plates and through pipes; thermal boundary layer; effect of turbulence; radiative heat transfer, black and grey surfaces, shape factors, network analysis; heat exchanger performance, LMTD and NTU methods.

Ordinary Differential equations ODE: Physics of welding, brazing and soldering; adhesive bonding; design considerations in welding.

Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering (ME) | GATE

Displacement, velocity and acceleration analysis of plane mechanisms; dynamic analysis of slider-crank mechanism; gear trains; flywheels.

Highway alignment and engineering surveys; Geometric design of highways -cross-sectional elements, sight distances, horizontal and vertical alignments; Geometric design of railway track; Airport runway length, taxiway and exit taxiway design. Fourier series; separation of variables; solutions of one-dimensional diffusion equation; first and second order one-dimensional wave equation and two-dimensional Laplace equation Probability and Statistics: Working stress and Limit state design concepts; Design of tension and compression members, beams and beam-columns, column bases; Connections-simple and eccentric, beam-column connections, plate girders and trusses; Plastic analysis of beams and frames.

Principles of surveying; Errors and their adjustment; Maps -scale, coordinate system; Distance and angle measurement -Levelling and trigonometric levelling; Traversing and triangulation survey; Total station; Horizontal and vertical curves. Free and forced vibration of single degree of freedom systems; effect of dpwnload vibration isolation; engineeing, critical speeds of shafts. Bending moment and shear force in statically determinate beams; Simple stress and gate 2013 syllabus for mechanical engineering pdf download relationships; Theories of failures; Simple bending theory, flexural and shear stresses, shear centre; Uniform torsion, buckling of column, combined and direct bending stresses.

Stress and strain, stress-strain relationship and elastic constants, Mohr’s circle for plane stress and plane strain, thin cylinders; shear force and bending moment diagrams; bending and shear stresses; deflection of gate 2013 syllabus for mechanical engineering pdf download torsion of circular shafts; Euler’s theory of columns; strain energy methods; thermal stresses.


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