Go big or go home. The new version advances face recognition for large, multi-camera video surveillance systems and includes face tracking algorithm that adapts to faces in motion. Implemented fingerprints template updating from image to work with proprietary small templates. Selfies and group photos allowed, age evaluated for each face in the frame, results can be shared via social networks. Integrators now can write plug-ins to support their cameras using a plug-in framework provided with the Device Manager. Find Article Search for:

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Also, new fingerprint scanner support modules have been added to MegaMatcher 3. Improved fingerprint ISO template matching eikontoucj. January 15, Neurotechnology celebrates its 20 years anniversary. U and U. Eikomtouch SDK can be used to create a variety of interactive and entertainment applications, such as mapping an animated avatar on a user’s face or controlling the facial expressions of 3D digital characters.

Green Bit MultiScan palm print and fingerprint reader. Related projects Buy scanners at Biometric Supply. Eikomtouch 31, VeriFinger 6. Iris and voice biometrics all include algorithm updates for functionality improvement or higher recognition accuracy. Read eikontouch 700 case study PDF. Scans up to 4 flat finger simultaneously.

The Eikontouch 700 now includes an improved separation algorithm and supports Linux operating system. The add-on enables using VeriLook and MegaMatcher technologies for the implementation of biometric face-on-smartcard verification systems. June 14, Eikontouch 700 researchers win Kaggle competition with deep eikontouch 700 network based fish species eikontouch 700 solution for The Nature Conservancy Fisheries Monitoring.

This includes new checks for face darkness, pixelation, looking away, skin reflections, glasses reflections, skin tone, washed out colors, red eye and ICAO fixes for eikontouch 700 correction. July 1, DigitalPersona U. August 20, NPointer for eikontouch 700 computer control and navigation has been released. Cross Match Verifier Classic.

The new version features 3 times faster and more reliable fingerprint matching engine. The algorithm improves extraction speed and iris segmentation eikontouch 700. VeriFinger eikonttouch application eikontouch 700 Linux is available for download. Adding Biometric Supply hardware options to Neurotechnology software allows customers to eikontouch 700 easily obtain all of the hardware and software components required for their biometric system implementations.

The eikontoudh version incorporates the VeriLook 9. Neurotechnology also places in top three for lowest computational cost.

Neurotechnology’s news: product releases and events

Buy Scanners at Biometric Supply website. User group restrictions for Client Device. Lumidigm M fingerprint reader. Integrators now can write plug-ins to support their cameras using a plug-in framework provided with the Device Manager. The original proprietary eye iris eikontouch 700 algorithm detects and compensates for irregularities and obstructions. Biometrika Eikontouch 700 Eikojtouch Touch 0. Cross Match Patrol ID.

The new version features:. The new version of the solution for eikontouch 700 AFIS or multi-biometric systems features:.

UPEK Eikon Touch 300, 500 & 700 Fingerprint Reader

September 15, Updated biometric products line. The new version now includes live face detection, enhanced standards support and Java eikintouch. Improved multi-finger templates matching score normalization.

The new version includes these updates: The newest version features improved face and iris extraction algorithms, new face verification on eikontouch 700 algorithm eikontouch 700 Android platform support addition.

December 7, NCheck Bio Attendance 4. The programming samples included in the robotics development kit demonstrate a number of capabilities, including how to teach the robot to recognize and grasp objects and how to use the robot to create a map of the local environment that the robot eiokntouch then use eikontouch 700 autonomous navigation in eikontouch 700 learned environment.

UPEK EikonTouch 700

July 23, Indonesia now using MegaMatcher biometric technology in integrated passport issuance system. Scheduled report export to ftp or local folder. Eikontouch 700 can visit us here eikontouch 700 stand 7a.

The algorithm provides five times higher accuracy in identifying full frontal faces and 10 to 15 times higher accuracy for unconstrained facial recognition, which makes eikontouch 700 suitable for conducting automated facial image searches in large databases without the need for manual review. The scanner is able to scan up to 4 flat fingerprints simultaneously.

January 9, Neurotechnology introduces biometric technologies and software development kits for smartphones and mobile devices running the Android platform: SteelCoat protective coating provides added protection of fingerprint sensor for rugged environments. Image quality check to improve learning and recognition accuracy by accepting only good quality images or eikontouch 700 frames.

The SentiSculpt algorithm turns standard 2D still images of an object into 3D models for use in 3D printing, design, eeikontouch modeling and game development. Eikontouch 700 2, VeriLook Surveillance 1. Featuring improved speaker identification eikonntouch text-independent mode, offering a higher level of accuracy for speaker identification applications.

The new releases provide a number of enhancements that improve accuracy and usability for both biometric system developers and end-users, most notably:. This improves recognition accuracy and makes VeriSpeak suitable for use in real-time online audio processing, as the application can listen constantly and react as soon as voice recognition is completed. The VeriEye placed in the eikontouch 700 four for iris recognition accuracy and the top two eikontkuch speed among algorithms eikontouch 700 11 participating companies and universities.

March 12, NCheck Bio Attendance 4. Eikontouch 700 recognition accuracy improved eikontouh faces with out-of-plane rotation angles.


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