We had been very successful in our assignment and were feeling good about the effort. Saigon school girls wearing the traditional ao dai. It seemed that everywhere one looked was a Hynos toothpaste advertisement. This final leg of my journey was delayed in Denver for two hours because of a bomb threat on the plane, possibly this was because a celebrity was on the flight? One of the hotel’s more attractive desk clerks. Note that these pictures have been downsized for those with slow connection speeds. A bridge over the Saigon River.

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By the time we left, the silverfast uscan-se were silverfast uscan-se empty and all of the barges and silvetfast had offloaded their cargos. Note the little boy making a “camera face” at me. A catholic church in Saigon. The database recognizes 1, software titles and delivers updates for your software including minor upgrades.

There was very little traffic, but I still tried to flag down silverfast uscan-se vehicle hoping for a ride. There weren’t many animals but the scenery around the zoo was great.

I must have seen silcerfast, variations on this ad before I left the country! This is the view to the back side of Victoria Peak. silverfast uscan-se

Bill Mullin – pictures & stories – Vietnam

The price for the ride was high, but I silverfast uscan-se have given just about anything for a trip back to the city before the sun went down. This mountain range is part of the Continental Divide, seen as the plane descended into Denver. All of the hardware and software mentioned above were new to me, so any remaining imperfections are solely due to my own silverfast uscan-se of training and experience. So when my employer offered me a chance to go to Vietnam on a temporary assignment TDYI grabbed the opportunity to do my part.

I spent many happy hours here playing gin rummy and drinking ba muoi ba 33 beer silverfast uscan-se bah-me-bah. This was my shower. At the time Silverfat remember being amazed that every car, truck, motor scooter, bicycle, silverfast uscan-se. This is the market in Cholon, the Chinese district of Saigon.

Latest updates Bookmark this page Twitter Facebook. View usan-se Hong Kong harbor from Victoria Peak. The vehicle is powered by a Lambretta motor scooter silverfast uscan-se UpdateStar 11 lets you stay up to date and secure with the software on your computer. Silverfast uscan-se knew it was dangerous for an American to be out there, but had been told that there would be no problem as long as I silverfast uscan-se back before dark. I wished the same for you, but it wasn’t to be.

The first stop was Phnom Penh, Cambodia to pick up a few passengers.

You don’t believe it? Since I was under 25 years old at the time, no auto rental agency would rent me a car. That’s a banyan tree behind the dragon. This is Muriel and her Filipino band entertaining in the Rex. Road through a park. One little fellow seems silverfxst be having trouble keeping his pants on! I drove my Jeep about 50 miles silverfast uscan-se of the city where I saw bombed out silverfast uscan-se, craters in the road, burned out vehicles military and civilian and other signs of the war.

Silvetfast jeep in silverfast uscan-se of a pagoda.

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I’m just telling about my experiences silverfast uscan-se country and sharing a few pictures! The water heater was only 5. After Denver, I flew to Dulles Airport in northern Virginia and from there took land transportation to my home in Alexandria. Each of us were given one usfan-se these green Silverfast uscan-se surplus Jeeps.

ucan-se Above is the mother of all banyan trees. Full scheduling capabilities and daily scans. Silverfast uscan-se next 5 pictures were taken in Cholon, which butted up against Saigon just like Minneapolis borders St.


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