I didn’t see the “beat the Hell out of your cam corder” instructions in the manual, but it sure seemed to work for me. Somehow I jammed the door and now it doesn’t work at all. I tried different variations of hitting and removing the battery Then my camcorder didn’t work again and I did the method when you turn off and hold the door firmly, then put the battery in and the tape down. I got probes so I wouldn’t have to unscrew anything.

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I used a Sony handycam dcr-hc96 battery. Must take advise on legal remedies and awaken consumer agencies and the public to Sony’s post sale lack of interest in these customers I will keep on trying and using various reset methods.

Sony Camcorder Batteries & Digital Camera Batteries

It was the guy who posted before that post called Jack Tue, 25 Nov I had this very same problem that started just today. The cartridge motor handyczm move down. I have the same issue I had to lower my motor with the AA battery twice before it finally took a tape, but sony handycam dcr-hc96 all good now. Now it can’t play any tape After that, it worked fine.

sony handycam dcr-hc96

I received it exactly 7 days from the day I mailed it. Unfortunately I pulled the tape out to see if it would again and I’m getting the fucking message again. I smacked the crap ddcr-hc96 of it as described above. sony handycam dcr-hc96

I used the probes with battery technique. I have the same issue and their is an eject symbol flashing on the display. Reset, reconnect battery, OK again. However, Sony handycam dcr-hc96 did the fix the problem for now with the battery method.

After about 6 hours of screwing around with it I finally removed the tape, closed the door, took out the sony handycam dcr-hc96 and smacked the shit out of it twice. His English is far better than my Greek.

The red arrow is the positive cable and the white arrow is the negative cable. My HC9 developed this problem this week.

And this time, I did some sony handycam dcr-hc96 voodoo shit. Stumbled upon this forum and got my HC-3 fixed.

Sony HDR-HC3 Tape Door Won’t Close with C Error Code

I wonder what I can do the tell the camera not to push the tray out as far as sony handycam dcr-hc96 does. I have this code C: I never got any movement from the cassette, but after applying power 3 or dcf-hc96 times, I decided to put the battery on and try it.

They sold me on Zeiss lenses. Some combination of them worked because the error went away. I will update my post in six months or sooner if it breaks before than.

It didn’t take long for the motor to accept the tape. Every time you try to insert a tape, it is rejected sony handycam dcr-hc96 the hc7. This damn thing is made in Japan.

Sony Camcorder Batteries | Sony Digital Camera Batteries

You have to take off the bottom panel, top panel says xthen the sony handycam dcr-hc96. Insert cassette, push it in. Only here I found “Chuck’s method, and after crossing my heart and saying bye to the camcorder I administered “treatment”.


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