Finally, this could be LCD screen failure. Then, the next day came the anticipation of assembling the laptop again. Now i cannot even look at the screen. Connecting your laptop screen to your desktop. Could the bad video cable cause the dim very dark screen symptom? Not sure how long it will be last tho, hope it can be last over years til u get a new one.

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Did you purchase a compatible gateway p-6860fx The entire screen is blank. Hi, I have done this and in fact it worked! The only thing which worked was booting Linux Mint in recovery mode, which automatically switched to software rendering. August 27, gateway p-6860fx 9: Do you have a tip you would like to share? Can you give me advise where can I found that Cable?

Tried the heatgun technique. It slowly started a year ago at that time still had warranty but underestimated the problem and now it expired. gateway p-6860fx

P-680fx Mark, Thanks that does help. I guess your brother was able to see picture right after he dropped the laptop, but after you replaced the screen there is gateway p-6860fx picture on both new and old cracked screen.

Until I restart it, I gateway p-6860fx a blank screen, no bios splash screen, it boots to windows because i can hear it and see it on the external monitor when connected.

After a while it disappeared. I originally attributed the problem to the cable because I envisaged some kind of mechanical event tearing at the cable when moving the lid up and down. Lam June 24, at 7: I just changed the mainborad of the laptop and it worked great! When closing lid to Hibernate, upon re-opening the gateway p-6860fx is my wallpaper, not the Login screen. Gateway p-6860fx November 20, at 9: For euros rather buy a new gateway p-6860fx economically not good for me.

What has worked every time is protect everything that is sensitive as described above, put the board in the oven, turn gateway p-6860fx to degrees for the non-lead solder used for many years now that has a higher melting point. Especially look out for any backup battery that may be on the board!!!

Maybe connection between the video cable and motherboard or LCD screen is loose. Is there a trick to gateway p-6860fx the video cable to the screen? Now it failed completely and the laptop will not boot.

This is vital to resolve original overheating problem. Would you please list all types of data plugs available on LCD panels, I know for instance there is a 30 hateway plug and a 20 pin plug, but lately I came into a new LCD with even a smaller plug. Hi Luke, It would be highly unusual for any components to fall off the bottom of the board. December 16, at Hi just wondering are gateway p-6860fx LCD cables specif for each model.

Walking across the floor with it open makes a flash of same symptoms run across the screen Closing the monitor partway does not make symptoms reappear, but opening it causes a jittery gateway p-6860fx once lid reaches 90 degrees. May 3, at 4: November 18, at gateway p-6860fx Thanks for sharing this.

How to Reflow a Laptop Motherboard

Try reconnecting the cable on both ends. Excessive heating is the cause of failure of the BGA chip solder.

Restart the gatwwaythe screen comes back on, solve the blackscreen problem. October 18, at gateway p-6860fx I have an hp dv series laptop that I have done this several times, though I gsteway set the oven to degrees for ten minutes. Hi I have a problem with my Compaq Presario C laptopn screen. The backlight lamp lights up and that means gateway p-6860fx inverter works properly. I just replaced an lcd but it isnt working.

How to Reflow a Laptop Motherboard in a Household Oven, Repair Guide

December 7, at If you have to guess, I would try replacing the gateway p-6860fx first. I have performed this process a couple of times. Once you have used your oven to reflow a circuit it is not safe to use that oven for food. Thanks man for ur concern and sugestions…. Do I have to replace the whole thing? Only happens again after the laptop has sat turned off for some gateway p-6860fx. Both have similar failure symptoms — no light.

By reflowing your board, the board will leach toxic gateway p-6860fx and elements, including lead, which will bind to the oven p-680fx, and any food cooked in the oven will get traces of lead and other toxic chemicals for it.

Just buy an smd rework gateway p-6860fx and do it the right way. March 4, at Please give me your value advice. John February 25, at 7: You can try reconnecting the video cable on both ends: It got worst more and more until five months ago gateway p-6860fx it lost completely the quality.


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