SATA , 8 internal ports, 3. Socket , E chipset Whitney. Intel DGCZ desktop motherboard. Intel DH77DF desktop motherboard. Intel DMUD desktop motherboard. Based on the EB Oplin controller chip. Intel has historically named integrated circuit IC development projects after geographical names of towns, rivers or mountains near the location of the Intel facility responsible for the IC.

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Atom, N, and N processors, ibtel at low-cost applications. Reference unknown; see Moorestown disambiguation for possibilities. Also the codename of servers containing this motherboard.

Supports up to four Pentium Pro processors. Successor to Salt Creek. For various meanings see Dempsey.

Reference unknown; see Hillel disambiguation for possibilities. Quad-core Xeon processor, the intended successor to Tulsa. Intel S series two-socket motherboards, for use in rack-mount servers. Hill Centrino mobile platform. Intel SCP two-socket motherboards, intended for pedestal servers.

Half-width two-socket server motherboard designed in cooperation with Facebook as part of the Open Compute Project. Mendocino CountyCalifornia. MIC processor with 32 intel morgan hill i865gv.

List of Intel codenames – Wikipedia

Based on the EY controller chip Gamla. Intel DXBC desktop motherboard.

Intel SC series of 6U pedestal or rackmount server chassis. Based on the Anvik controller chip. Intel DQ35JO desktop motherboard. Ihll DH67CL desktop motherboard.

Barton Hills, a neighborhood in Austin, Texasnear an Intel facility. Rare, inntel released publicly by Intel. Closely related to Lynnfield. Atom E series processors, aimed at embedded applications. Intel DQGF desktop motherboard. Intel morgan hill i865gv unknown; see Northwood disambiguation for possibilities. Used in the Barbie PC, among others.

Reference unknown; see Prescott disambiguation for possibilities. Kaby Lake is the intel morgan hill i865gv name for Kabinakagami Lake, a large lake approximately 70 miles north of Wawa, Ontario. Part of the Caneland platform. Intel AH series server motherboards. Reference unknown; see Sonoma disambiguation intel morgan hill i865gv possibilities. Successor to Pine Trail. Intel XT2 server Ethernet adapter.

Noconaa city in Montague County, Texas. Tualatin is a townriverand valley in Oregon. Intel KX chipset, intended for two-socket Pentium Pro systems. The is dual-core, the others are single-core. Based on the BX chipset. Second-generation Pentium III processor.

Monahansa city in Texas; the county seat of Ward County. Also applies to server systems containing these motherboards. Also codenamed Ivy Bridge-EX. Intel I series server Ethernet adapters.

List of Intel codenames

Possibly Prestoniaa neighborhood southeast of Louisville, Kentucky. Atom Z processor, aimed at tablet computers. Reference unknown; see Rochester disambiguation for possibilities. The second-generation Celeron processor. Reference unknown; see Geneseo disambiguation for possibilities. Intel DP55WB desktop motherboard.

Intel WX58BP workstation motherboard. Calistogaa city in Napa County, California. Intel DXCS desktop motherboard. Attaches via PCIe and resembles a graphics card. Intel BBFX two-socket server motherboard. Reference unknown; see Millville disambiguation for possibilities.


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