This worked for mine, and it recalibrated somehow and now I got awesome prints! Toner Cartridge, Cyan, 4K. The toner arrived fast! The cmyk “ID Unit” shows how many pages have been printed that include that colour since that item has been installed. Image Drum, Black with 1K toner cartridge , 15K.

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Okidata OKI Laser Printer supplies, fusers, rollers, repair parts, toner print cartridges

Toner Cartridge, Magenta, 5K. Anyone know how to reset the drum c36000n on a C?? Yes, this worked on an Okidata Oki c3600n I purchased a C factory maintenance manual from them in January Since a full cartridge holds about grams, I figure they put half that grams in the starter cartridge.

Other models may have another button sequence. Thanks for your help. Please help because I want to pitch them both. Then press button 2 to increase okj value of the selected digit.

All this works on my cn. Place the used cartridge into the protective cushions if present. Toner Cartridge, Magenta, oki c3600n. Paper misfeads oki c3600n it. I trie to reset my Oki c3600n Toner Cartridge, Cyan, 3K.

We’ve had that problem. It’s networked, is that the “n”?

The “Total Dot Count” is the same as the above, but for the entire life of the printer The “Replace” kki for oki c3600n, fuser, drums, and toners show how many times each of those units have been replaced. Don’t know if it’s because its a European version. I have no experience with creams – you would probably have to oki c3600n the drum anyway. Some toner on the market is or was OK.

Colour Printers

Image Drum, Black, 15K. Oki c3600n Neale, however this doesn’t appear to work for the C unless anyone has found different?

I have used my colored drums oki c3600n over 16, pages so far and they are oki c3600n going strong. Also in “factory mode” or “disable toner sensor” I think you need to enter the “System Maintenance Password”. Does anyone know the system maintenance d3600n for the Oki C The print box on the computer screen is showing drum life black.

Waste Oki c3600n Box, 40K. Image Drum, Yellow with 1K toner cartridge15K. Oh, well that’s life. New chips are working OK. Toner Cartridge, Cyan, 38K. Display says user maintenance. I ahave a cn – Anonymous. After market toner is cheap and works fine. oki c3600n

Now I am going to try and replace a c3600b. All is not perfect however more yellow and blue ink is apparently getting out on the left side and leaving a more oki c3600n green band to the left side of the oki c3600n prints.

What feedback can other people offer on o,i much extra life oki c3600n get? It worked but the print seemed to spear.

Leave the drum part in machine as it is light sensitive.


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