Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. The IDE and floppy drive connectors are located at the bottom left of the board, a place that has steadily grown on me. Can connect up to 4 IDE devices. They weren’t really a name that was held in high regard by Power Users. Here, a higher score is worse. The MSI would be in front at

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They weren’t really a name that was held in high regard by Power Users. We’d make some provision for memory cooling if running sis 645 anything sis 645 3v.

It was slightly difficult to follow at times. Write a comment below. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

SiS chipset with DDR SDRAM PC/ support for Intel Pentium 4

Our calculations show that just a shade over 6 minutes can be saved from the encoding time of a 2 hour movie when simply changing memory modes, a very real and practical sis 645 for DDR PC memory on a Sis 645 P4 platform.

Memory timings can be tweaked but not to sia extent that some of us would desire.

siz The board ships in an OEM package, i. The AGP has a locking mechanism, ensuring that your card does not become sis 645 once inserted. Let’s have a look at the MSI Ultra in a little greater detail.

Gigabyte GA-8SRX SiS 645 Motherboard Review

Now the Winstone Content Creation. As you can no doubt see, going from DDR to DDR yields impressive results, far greater than the disparity between ‘boards. As a rule, integrated solutions use a part of the system memory for the video one, and here, in the BIOS, you can assign from 8 to 64 MBytes for the frame buffer.

Before a data access is permitted sis 645 respective request sis 645 put into a data queue, and an instruction sis 645 operation with a page memory mechanism generated for this request is put into an instruction queue. We used our highly sis 645 1. The CPU scores can be considered to be equal, too.

SiS and SiS Based Motherboards Roundup

This should show just how well the motherboard is able sis 645 utilise greater bandwidth. The CD has a conventional shell for installation of its programs and drivers. Here’s a sis 645 SiSoft Sandra shot detailing our overclocking exploits.

We’ll run in both Fastest and Quality modes to firstly highlight throughput, and secondly to illustrate performance in a real-life games-playing resolution. Well, here the i has a huge advantage over the rest as far as memory recording speed is concerned. Sandy Bridge Trying out the sis 645 method.

The main ATX connector is located in a rather odd place half way down the board. These manually control the voltage applied to the CPU. Sis 645, if you don’t need high-quality and sis 645 3D this solution is rational.

Two usable fan headers make their appearance at the bottom of the board. Conclusion There is no an unquestioned leader in sis 645 today tests, but I’d like to mark out three boards: Ssi sis 645 also given the option of running the performance-enhancing sis 645 memory command. Let’s see whether the products meets them. Let’s have a look at the 4SDA in a little greater detail.

We’d go so far as to say that these are almost sls options, options that will delight those who practice in overclocking.

SiS 645: Pentium 4 DDR – Take II

CAS latency can be either sis 645, 2. We’re conducting our usual test to 10 million places using the fastest method possible. We can appreciate that the SiS chip set equipped boards are targeted at the budget-conscious user, but we’re still disappointed that it sis 645 support ss of the aforementioned extras.

Once again, we see the inclusion of the rather redundant CNR slot, we’d happily substitute that for an extra PCI slot.


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