As soon as he tested the T16, everything was different. Image 5 of Sign up for our newsletter Newsletter. By contrast, Group B had few restrictions on technology, design and the number of cars required for homologation to compete—, less than other series. And that isn’t an insult; it’s simply a description. A ll classic car stories. Ford sold off their RSs to private buyers, with many being used in European Rallycross events from the beginning of till the end of

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In there had also been the first major step forward in gearbox tech, with Audi introducing the twin-clutch PDK group b rally on the Quattro. But the Kevlar-reinforced plastic body was extremely fast burning.

Do you read and enjoy the articles or do you just want everybody to know about Uruguayan engeneering? After all, there was only so much power that could be deployed through the rear wheels on a loose-surface stage, even if you could generate it in group b rally first place.

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Home News Sport Business. There were no race marshals or spectators nearby, and the only video footage was shot too far away from the accident to draw any meaningful conclusions. But in seriousness, Uruguayan group b rally crushes the Stone Age technology offered by your country. When men were men.

The T16 also had four wheel drive and was smaller and lighter than the Audi Quattro. The FISA decided to separate the rally cars into three classes: By there was a club: This page was last edited on 15 Mayat This article is group b rally motor racing regulations. Peugeot immediately accused the Italians of favouring the Lancias.

Image 1 of Despite massive revisions to the Quattro, including a shorter wheelbasePeugeot dominated the season. Timo Salonen had grup group b rally two rallies during the season and became the most successful group B era driver with a total of 7 wins.

Please enable JavaScript gruop view the comments powered by Disqus. However, the car that first showed what could really be possible was the Peugeot T16, which made its competition debut on the Tour de Corse in Go get ’em boys! Group N and Group A cars were the same cars with different amounts group b rally race preparation allowed in Group N almost no modifications, in Group A significant modifications.

Motorsport Share this page: Lancia had itsand Ford was working on a new n Escort that did at least use turbocharging — the ill-fated RST — yet history now shows us it was wasting its time.

But with the Peugeot, yes, we were sideways, but group b rally to the front wheels — they are straight.

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The low homologation requirements quickly attracted manufacturers to Group B. Group B was very different.

Skip to main navigation. The Quattro was good, but the smaller and nimbler utilised the full freedom of Group B regulations.


Moreover, Audi even retained group b rally locked centre differential for years. Remember, at the time, Peugeot was not really so well known in the world of rallying. Submitted by Sonoit on Mon, Forthe FIA replaced the Group B models with prototypes that had to be based on existing Group A cars, but still followed the spirit of Group B, with low weight, 4WD, high group b rally boost pressure and staggering amounts of power.

Lancia’s Toivonen was a championship favorite, and once the rally got underway he group b rally the pace setter. As a consequence Group B was canceled at the end of and Group A regulations became the standard for all cars until the advent of World Rally Cars in Lancia had designed a new car to Group B specifications, but the Lancia still had rear wheel drive and was thus less consistent than the Audi over different surfaces generally the Lancia had the upper hand on tarmacwith the Audi remaining superior on looser surfaces such as snow and gravel.

When I sat at the start of a stage in a T16, I could feel the side of my mouth g a smile. Submitted by Luis C on Mon,


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