You’re not going to be able to run TF2. Is it possible to manually set the resolution? Downgrade back to XP. Nov 29, Louisiana. What are the resolutions this driver is capable of? BlastedGuy , Feb 16, , in forum: A Bonus is that the Vertex Shaders are also of a higher level with better feature support since it’s using Version 3 instead of Version 2.

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Try Media Player Classic with the K-lite codecs pack for best results.

Incidentally, what is your vendor and device ID? Graphic media acclerator update? It isn’t as fast as nor does it have Software Vertex Shaders like Chell 1.

Modded driver intel gma windows xp – Google Диск

BlastedGuyFeb 16,in forum: Is it possible to manually set the resolution? If it’s vendor and device 27AE mga it’s probably my goof. Guess I was wrong then. This is probably why you notice a boost in performance.


I added the 64bit version of Chell intel gma 3150 modded. The HD ‘s hardware pixel and vertex shaders are atleast version 10, so most games should work with them. I don’t moded updating the driver will do anything. View a Printable Version. Hi there i modfed a lil intel gma 3150 modded do anybody have a good set up for a intel grapic media acclerator Specs below Driver Version 8. Trixarian Supreme Ruler Posts: SciresM Mystery video — Graphic Homebrew on 4.

It was renamed to Mobius to avoid confusion with the current Chell version. I still want to look into the Solo, Omega and Atlas drivers by Intelli Modder32 to see if I can sneak in a modded more of their intel gma 3150 modded.

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Since its a Dell Mini there’s not much to be gained by installing ‘newer’ drivers especially on the video card side. I will test out some games tomorrow. They probably all do the exact same thing or have some minor variation to them. That’s the intel gma 3150 modded mobile version of the gma With older hardware like the 9xx seriesthe Vertex Shader is seriously lacking – since the hardware only provides intel gma 3150 modded and it’s lacking features it’s only version 2 with some stuff missing.

Maybe, but maybe it is not working on windows 7 because maybe the person that said that have tried a games that is not in 3D Context, anyway yea that’s clear thank you very much i understand now. Has a new interface and Installer – please test and give feedback.

Regular intel drivers won’t display the x resolution, but after some research, that problem in particular sources from lenovo’s behalf. This is also the default setting when you add an exe files using 3DContext from the inf file. And I changed the forum’s name to reflect that it’s more than just Intel gma 3150 modded that’s supported now.

Graphic media acclerator 3150 update ?

So using that, we’ll assume that is used to enable the WARP renderer for that game. I’ll have to look. Try the newest version of the Chell drivers: Your name or email address: Since almost all new games support that, they would run without problems and since it’s being done intel gma 3150 modded the hardware rather than software, it frees up the CPU and gives you a minor boost in intel gma 3150 modded.

Xp it is wow never thought i be doing this but thanks everyone.


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